The Magic Of 23

by Jeanette Kanaguri

Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you?

My New Job

Today, it is one month ago that I received my job offer from Louis Vuitton. It is also the same date that I resigned from my position by Gucci (23.12.2019). It feels interesting that my big life-changing events happened on the same dates. Do you also sometimes experience the same things in your life?

My new job in Louis Vuitton is so different from my previous job by Gucci. The work environment in Louis Vuitton fits me much better. I am working in the department for women’s shoes and ready-to-wear (RTW). It is a soft and lovely work environment. The physical workspace is large and roomy enough for a high number of people can enjoying themselves in soft furniture. My team consists of a small number of people with long experiences in Louis Vuitton.

I am very grateful that I ended up in this team as it feels less busy than the department for handbags which is Louis Vuitton’s main selling category. Also when I have a client that wishes to discover other things than for example RTW I can easily follow them into the other departments. So I automatically get to know the other products and colleagues as well.

Spring Adventures

Do you have some exciting plans for this coming spring?

Myself, I would so love to make a delicious layer-cake for my husband and I. It has been so long time for me to create a layer-cake. The above picture from @cakeboyparis will be one of my inspirations for my spring cake!

Do you also love to bake? And if so, do you have a favorite recipe? (p.s. you are welcome to share it :o))

With love,



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