Soft and Fluffy Japan

by Jeanette Kanaguri

Japanese Towel

Soft and Fluffy Japan – ふわふわ日本 (日本のタオル)

✨Dear Beautiful ✨,

I hope that everything is going well with you:). Soon we are in the month of December. I feel this year has passed so fast. Do you have the same feeling?

Soft and Fluffy Japan With Japanese Towels

Oh, another topic that I can’t wait to share with you is Japanese Towels.

The Japanese towels are simple so soft, and delicate. I think that it really is a great metaphor for the Japanese people. When I first time met a Japanese, I immediately felt different. I felt such a softness, and at peace. In my experience most Japanese people approach you with a soft and kind voice, and they try their best to make you feel welcome in their world.

Imabari Towels

The Towel is named Imabari Towel, and are the most sold towel in Japan! The production of the towels began in Ehime Prefecture’s Imabari City, located on Shikoku island.

Today, Imabari City has become the largest towel producer in the world. The area has acquired a wealth of excellent craft techniques, for over 125 years. And this is why the area is able to continue the creation of Imabari towels.

One of the official quality standards for the towel is:

To be able to completely absorb water in five seconds or less and feel dry after use.

Towels who fulfill this requirement, and of course several other requirements, get an official label of blue stripes and white circle on a red background, as shown on the photo above.

Stays Soft And Fluffy

When you touch an Imabari towel you can immediately feel the difference from a regular towel. The softness, and the material quality gives the towel a gentle and wonderful feel.

Not only are the towels soft, but they will remain gently on the skin even after many washes. Myself, I have a few Imabari towels, and they are still in a great condition even after many years of use. I can highly recommend them. And you can too choose among so many types, beautiful colors, and lengths.

Due to the high quality, and longevity of the towel, makes them popular as gifts. In Japan, I often saw special wedding towel gifts sets, and newborn towels gift sets. They were so incredible cute, and lovely!!

Try them?



Featured photo and the photos in the 2nd collage are from Imabari Towel

The photos in the first collage are from the left: Svenja_traumzuhause, Imabari Towel, and unknown.

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