Rose Vanilla Truffles

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Oh, these truffles looks so tempting.

Next week is my Christmas Shopping week. My Japanese class has stopped for a little winter break. I am so looking forward to do all the Christmas Shopping, writing Christmas Cards and do some Christmas Cooking.  My family lives in Denmark so I need to prepare for presents to be sent. I am currently making a list of what to gift them.

Yesterday,  I went to an amazing shop in the little city where I live. The name of the shop is Today’s Special.

The shop trades mainly with things for the kitchen; tableware, decoration materials and food. I was passing by a basket full of rose petals and thought immediately, I am going to buy these and make something special :o).

Today, I saw this lovely recipe Rose Vanilla Chocolate Truffles created by Ashley from Gather & Feast. And I am thinking I will use my rose petals for these sweets. I love the flavour of vanilla and rose. So I hope that these are going to be a success!!

These little treats are also dairy free & vegan, using just a few ingredients; good quality dark chocolate, vanilla & coconut cream & oil.

Stay warm, Beautiful.


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