by Jeanette Kanaguri


Dear Beautiful Soul,

Coming back to Europe again (Münich), from Japan (Tokyo), was a bit of a culture shock!

The first thing that I missed was the softness and kindness you meet everywhere in Japan.


In Japan in the big cities, there are smoking areas where you can smoke. It makes you very comfortable to walk in the street.

In Germany, you can smoke everywhere outside. At first, it was very uncomfortable to get smoke in your face.


It’s such a luxury to travel by the subway metro in Japan/Tokyo (except for the rush hour).
The trains are very clean, spacious and people are quiet/or speak to each other with a low voice. It’s also the custom to set the mobile phone on silent mode.

As new to the train system in Münich, it is sometimes hard to see which station you are at. Often times there is no announcement, and moreover, sometimes there is no sign of the station name at the station.


There are lots of cars in the city of Münich, and you definitely can feel that they have lots of power. When you cross the street, you always have to keep an extra eye on the cars around you.

In Japan, you feel that the car drivers really care about the ‘small people’ in the traffic. They drive slowly when they see people crossing the street. And if there is roadwork the Japanese people always make sure that everyone is safe in the traffic.

If you anything you would like to add or comment please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be very happy to hear from YOU.

Wishing you a LOVELY Sunday!



The two pictures are from @donna.hay (the one on the left side), and /melody_wiiish/


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