Left My Job

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Dear Beautiful Soul,

A Very Happy and Blessed New Year to You!!

I hope you had the best beginning of the New Year and decade. If you have done something special in the holiday season please do not hesitate to send me a message. I would love to hear from you. And if you have not you are also welcome to send me a message.


Wow, it has been So long time since I have written to you.

When I started my new job in September 2019 I became so busy. From housewife to suddenly being at the labor market again was such a big change for me. I loved the job I had in Copenhagen as a Sales Associate. However, this one here in Münich was different! And sadly I decided to leave the company at the beginning of 2020 after staying there for nearly 4 months.

Not only the language was different but everything was different. The work environment was so hard on me. If I took a little break the boss would immediately point at me. So my afternoon snacks were usually taken in the ladies’ room.

One reason why the job in Denmark really worked for me was that it was so nourishing for my sweet body. I could be in my natural flow, and create the best customer service.

My colleagues were also amazing, so uplifting and enthusiastic about working for the company.  There was seldom a bad day! The boss also had a keen interest in the employees. And the education program and learning process were the best! I wish that such a work experience can come back to me again.

I will pray to God. And make my wish.


I am taking a little break now before I will start applying for a new job.

I LOVE winter so much. The darkness and tranquility. Perhaps that is the reason why I am born in Denmark where the winter is very dark. During the Danish winter solstice, the shortest day lasts about 7 hours.

Do you also like winter? How do you spend the winter? Do you read lots of books, making delicious hot chocolate with a homemade cake?

Please have a lovely new week!!



The above picture is from April Green

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