Japanese Girls Nail Art

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Japanese Girls Nail Art ~ 日本の女の子のネイルアート

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Japanese Girls Nail Art

One thing I was so amazed by when I came to Tokyo, Japan was all the pretty nails that Japanese women had. They were all in such a beautiful shape, cleaned and painted in nude and pale pink colors. Some had also beautiful decorations on their nails. For example with pearls, gold, and faded colors from nude to a pinkish color.

Japanese Girls Nail Art

I always loved watching the Japanese girls’ nails when I was sitting in the train in Tokyo. It was so rare for me to see all the beautiful decorated nails. In the country where I’m grown up (Denmark), we (my girlfriends and I) seldom paid much attention to our nails. Sometimes we painted our nails. However, it was only for special occasions, like weddings.

Actually, I really love it. I think it is so pretty when girls/women take care of their nails. Cut them in a beautiful shape, clean them and add a neutral color on top of the nail.

How’s your relationship with your nails? Do you also care for them as much as the Japanese girls do?

Nail Salon At Home

Last week I decided to invest in at little nail kit for home. You can see it, if your click on the following link Manicure Set. It was very easy to use, and my nails became so pretty, and smooth. I can highly recommend it.

Nail art is a very big industry in Japan. My husband’s friend’s wife is a nail artisan, and she runs a nail salon in Tokyo, Ginza. Before we left Tokyo, 2 years ago, she won gold medal in a gel nail competition. I wished to visit her nail salon, but unfortunately I couldn’t make before I left Japan. Perhaps, on my next trip to Tokyo!

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