In Love With The Japanese Language

by Jeanette Kanaguri



Dear Sweetie,

Today, I felt like talking with you about what made me fall in love with the Japanese language?

My Story

An evening in Tokyo, when it was about the time for me to sleep, my husband had a business meeting. He asked me whether it was ok to have the meeting in our hotel room. I said no problem. At first thought, I asked myself ‘what if it would be too noisy so I couldn’t sleep?’ 

However, it turned out that it wasn’t. 

The room was filled with such a calming and soothing energy. And I had no problem in falling at sleep. 

I love the Japanese language. 

It is so sweet (kawaii, かわいい in the Japanese language), soft and undertones an acceptance and listening of the other persons point of views. The pause are also longer when you speak with Japanese people. They often take a little break, and then reply. And when you are in public Japanese people try to speak with a lower tone. Especially, in the subway it is so quiet because they doesn’t like to disturb the other person that is standing or sitting next to you.

Moreover there are differences levels of the language depending on who you are taking to. Family members in between talk a more casual one. While in business environment you talk the most formal level. 

At night in the hotel room, my husband talked the most formal one and it felt so good. 

Japanese Language School in Tokyo

By the way if you are living in Tokyo, and would love to learn the Japanese language, I can highly recommend Sun Academy NIHONGO Center. I have wrote a previously blog post about the Japanese language school, and you can read it here I Love Summer.

Wishing you a lovely day.



Above phone is created by Bali Film Wedding Photographer

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