Have You Ever Tried Sashiko?

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Sashiko – in Japanese 刺し子。

Dearest Soul,

I hope you are having a wonderful August month. It’s one of my favorite months of the year.

What have you been doing? I am excited to hear?.

Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Sashiko.

Sashiko is a Japanese needling technique that is developed in Japan for a couple a centuries ago. Or as beautifully worded by Keiko & Atsushi Futatsuya:

“Sashiko is a process of mending the fabric to repair, strengthen and warmth the garment, which family member will wear”

Sashiko was originally a job for women to mend men’s garments over the winter. Both women and men worked as farmers during the summer. But in the winter men worked in the forest, and women repaired the fabric. This practice still exits in some parts of Japan.

My Journey With Sashiko

I discovered Sashiko one day when I stepped into a small hobby shop in our neighborhood Jiyugaoka in Tokyo. Many Japanese women were purchasing small pieces of white fabrics with printed patterns, and additionally colorful threads. I wondered what were they going to make?

They were all going to create small hand-stitched handkerchiefs – like the one above. I found it fascinating, and wanted to try it myself.

After several of years creating small pieces of hand-stitched fabrics after the Japanese needling technique, I wish to share my passion with the world. Because

It is pure bliss. Relaxing. And fun.

I am currently in the process of creating an illustrating online course in how to stich a beautiful handkerchief. If you feel it’s something you like to try, I cannot recommend enough.

Why handkerchief?

You may wondering why a handkerchief?

In Japan nearly every Japanese woman carries a handkerchief with her in her handbag. And many Japanese men too!

They use it when they visit a restroom and/or a powder room ??✨. Summer in Japan is every hot and humid. Therefore, it’s also very convenient to have a handkerchief with you for example to wip sweat off your forehead.

I wish you a lovely Friday!!


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