Full Moon Quotes for You

by Jeanette Kanaguri

Full moon Quotes for You

Good morning beautiful Soul,

I hope you enjoyed the first advent ?. My husband and I were at home, decorating up for Christmas, and organizing our home.

In this weekend we decided not to go to my home country, Denmark for Christmas. it was a big desicion for me as I haven’t spent Christmas with my family in a very long time. However, there were many reasons, that we couldn’t make it happen this year.

On the other hand, I LOVE spending Christmas with my husband. It’s so cozy just us having dinner together.

How do you spend Christmas this year?

Full Moon Quotes for You

Today, I woke up to these quotes. I love them, and want to share them with you. I hope you like them too ☺️.

The most aligned way

for you

is to do it the way

you secretly love

be doing it. – Jenna Zoe


I am here to live

out loud. – Spirit Daughter


Be patient, somebody will give you the whole world without you asking. – Priscilla Lays


Wishing you the best day, of a new week.



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