Following My Heart Means…

by Jeanette Kanaguri

Dear Beautiful Soul,

I hope you are enjoying the magnificent spring wherever you are (or maybe autumn).

In Japan, the cherry blossom has started to bloom. It feels so lovely and refreshing when watching these cute soft, and silky sakura flowers first attempt to bloom. A person who admirer sakura blossom is called a sakurabito, さくらびと、桜人 in Japanese. How cute :).

In Tokyo, the estimated best viewing dates for cherry blossom are March 29 to April 4.

The last past weeks, so many things had happened for me.

I went to a hair salon. A new place, where they spoke English. I was happy to be able to communicate my hairstyle wish in English. First time. Otherwise, I have always survived with my basic Japanese and guessing what the hair stylist wanted to tell me. I brought a picture of the hairstyle I liked, and it turned out that I got exactly the same hairstyle. I felt it was magical.

Also, I updated my resume. For long I wanted to do it. However, I didn’t felt it was the right time. So this week my heart told me; “Please update your resume”. And I did. I also sent it to a recruiting company in Japan, hoping that they would like it, and may contact me in near future if any new openings arise. My wish is to work for a luxury retailer within fashion.

Thirdly, I went to a new fertility clinic in Tokyo, helping us to conceive a baby. I felt it was true, so let’s see where it will take us…

Also, a friend of mine from Denmark visited me. It was fun to be together again, and catch-up.

How have you been? Have you had fun? Created something beautiful? Or been on vacation? Tell me.


Above pictures are from Instagram

@womanonpurpose, @alixcherry, @meganhess_official, @weddingsparrow

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