Can’t Wait…

by Jeanette Kanaguri

Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you? Do you enjoy this beautiful season?

In Tokyo, the scenery is now so magnificent! All the autumn colors are so beautiful! Besides all these colors, the flower Camellia (the name in Japanese is Tsubaki 椿), is blooming everywhere in the colors of white, peach, pink and red. It is really so beautiful.

In my home country, Denmark, this time of the year is very dark and grey. So I was so surprised when I experienced my first winter in Japan. It is so colorful and pretty.

I love this season very much. Actually, I don’t mind the darkness and I love to light up with candles in every room. Also, I love hot drinks, read books and magazines, and cuddle in lots of blankets. In Japan, we have a special table we use, when it is cold outside. It is called kotatsu 炬燵. From the picture below you can see how it looks like.

It is a low table that is covered with a heavy soft blanket and underneath the table there is a electric heater. It is really so lovely to use in winter. My husband and I bought one last year. And now we don’t feel cold anymore during winter in Japan. In Japan it is a tradition to eat mikan みかん (Japanese mandarin) while sitting underneath the warm blanket. And of course you can also sleep!

And now I cannot wait to Christmas. I love Christmas music very much. And I also love to make all the nice Christmas cakes, and sweets. It’s my fav. season.

What is your fav. season?

Much love, and happy thoughts,


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