Arrived in Münich!

by Jeanette Kanaguri

Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you? I hope you are enjoying the first beautiful winter month. And perhaps preparing for all the upcoming festive events!

Tuesday morning my husband and I arrived in Münich, Germany. Up until the departure day we had some intense days in Tokyo packing down all our lovely things in boxes.  And I felt happy that we made it!

The morning we arrived in Münich the first snowflakes started to fall. I was curious about what the message to us was behind the snow, and read an article from the Internet.

Snow falls gently and silently, teaching us in our own process of educating others and educating ourselves, that we need gentleness. If we educate with a sledgehammer – with unceasing rain pour – it will simply submerge and destroy the crops. Even when it rains on earth, science tells us that on a higher level, the beginning process could have originated in snowflakes. So snowflakes are a symbol of that first gentle step.

I felt that these words really resonated with us. It was our first step to a new life. And God told us please be gentle with yourself  – and the first steps in your new life chapter!

Are you also sometimes curious about knowing what specific things you see in life symbols? For instance, if you see a black cat or pink roses.

Happy December, みなさん! (みなさん、minasan = everybody)!



Reference: Spiritual Meaning of Snow

Above collage I have created are mostly pictures from Instagram.

The first row, from left to right: Angelic Healing By Danica????????? ❁ ❁Katie • Katiebird Bakes.

On the second row, from left to right: Me, drops_perfectionpaleo running momma.

And on last last row, from left to right: hannahstraffordtaylorhannahstraffordtaylorspiritual guidebook

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