by Jeanette Kanaguri


Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you doing on these cold, white, and grey days in January (if you are residing in Europe:o))?

I love this quiet, peaceful and dark season. I like being still, listening to my heart, and keep my body cozy with a cup of warm drink. My favorites are a cup of vanilla rooibos tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. What are yours?

Today, I felt so much gratitude for the life I had in Japan. We (my husband and I) left Japan in December 2018, after almost 6 years. We lived in one of the most fashionable areas of Tokyo named Jiyugaoka, in Japanese 自由が丘.  It is located just about ten minutes by train south from Shibuya (one of the biggest stations in Tokyo).

Jiyugaoka is filled with lots of small cute/local shops and cafés. Moreover, the buildings are very low compared to other parts of Tokyo, which feels so comfortable to walk in. In spring, you can enjoy plenty of blooming cherry trees (sakura). If you have the chance to come to Japan, I can highly recommend you to visit Japan in late March/beginning of April where all the cherry trees are blossoming!

Every time when I went out for a walk I always felt so happy. There were always plenty of blooming flowers. Even in the winter season. And so much beauty everywhere. We lived close to a big park (Komazava park) which I enjoyed almost every day. In spring and autumn, we did a picnic and enjoyed seasonal sweets.

I cannot thank you, my sweetheart, and GOD enough for all the blessings that I received for almost 6 years while I lived in Tokyo. It was truly magic.

Thank you. Thank you.

With love,


The picture above is plum blossoms in winter.




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