Appreciation of Unforgettable Memories

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Appreciation of Unforgettable Memories * in the Japanese language 忘れられない思い出への感謝.

Dear Sweetheart & Reader

How are you? I hope you can stay safe at home or at work. I hope you are healthy, and your family and beloved one too!!

For me this past one year from March 2020 and under COVID-19, has been so challenging for me.

I have felt extremely sad,

my body sometimes in pain.

And I missed my home in Japan, and Japan so much.

Our move from Japan to Germany

In 2018 my husband and I moved from Tokyo, Japan to Munich, Germany. It was such a culture-chock for both of us to settle in Germany. The first two months we stayed in center of Munich, and we got to know how life was in a big German city like Munich.

Luckily, we found a very nice home little bit outside of Munich city, by a loving family with two kids, and a dog. And we have stayed here ever since.

This year may be the year where we find a new home for our family, my husband and I and hopefully a loving cat. Yes, we are now looking for a kitten to our family. If it will be a female, I wish her to be named Luna. Do you have a pet?

Appreciation of Unforgettable Memories

However, all though I have felt so much sadness lately, I also feel so grateful for my loving life. I love life. I love my best ever husband, my best ever family, my two loving nephews, and my friends. Our home, all my forever lovely memories in Hong Kong, Japan, Paris….

And yesterday evening when I took a walk by myself, the weather was like the weather in Tokyo, when the cherry blossom trees were blooming. A little bit chili but not too cold. It felt so good. And I felt so grateful to look back at all my unforgettable memories when I lived in Tokyo.

If you have anything on your mind you wish to share with me, you are very welcome in my inbox☺️

Wishing you the best spring,

And talk to you soon.

With love,


Image DreamyMoons

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