A New Beginning

by Jeanette Kanaguri



Dear Beautiful Soul,

I hope you are doing great and enjoying the first autumn month.

Yesterday, in Münich, it was such a lovely day, and it reminded me of how much I love September month. It is still warm, and the sun is shining with such a warm light. Also, the ground feels warm, and soon all the lovely fruits are ready to harvest.

In Japan, there are so many lovely autumn fruits, which are less seen in Europe.

Japanese Autumn Fruits

One of my favorite ones is Kaki. Kaki in the Japanese letters is 柿, and it is also called Japanese persimmon. They are very sweet and have a light firm consistence which I like. I often eat them alone, as a dessert, or add them into cakes. So DELICIOUS :o). You can also hang them up for drying.

Another lovely Japanese autumn fruit is the Japanese pears, also called Nashi (梨). They are a bit different from the pears we know from Europe. Often very round and big, like a big apple. Nashi is a little bit more crunchy in the texture than a European pear.  They are also very delicious in cakes.

New job

Finally, I got a job in Münich!! I am so happy and grateful at the same time.

In the past weeks, I have been inviting to so many job interviews. And lastly, I said yes to one job offer.

I will be working at the Gucci Flagship store in Münich.

I choose this job mainly based on my positive feelings to the company.

Much love & light in Autumn,


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