A Girl with A Dream

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you? Perhaps, you are surrounded by soft and fluffy light pink cherry blossoms? Or sitting on a bench and enjoying all the fresh greens around you?

These days, I am preparing my CV and cover letter.

Yes, you heard right. I lost my job which I started at the beginning of 2019.

I really like it. It was the first time in my life that I saw and touched so many pearls at once. It was truly magic. I learned a little bit about how to distinguish between the different kind of pearls.


Basically, there are two varieties of cultured pearls; freshwater and saltwater.  Freshwater pearls are mainly grown in man-made lakes in China. Saltwater pearls include the classic pearls Akoya grown off the coast of Japan, Tahitian Pearls, and South Sea Peals grown primarily in Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

I did learn how to string a pearl necklace. It was really fun. A little tricky. But by the time you learn it.

Anyway, it was 2 weeks filled with fun and challenges.


Creating my new and updated CV is an enjoyable process. The requirement to the CV and Cover Letter is a little bit different here in Germany. A German CV is mainly based on hard skills while in Denmark we add more soft skills. In the writing process, I have assisted me with a kind professional girl who is advising me and helping me to get my dream job!

夢見る少女 (ゆめみるしょうじょ)* A Girl With A Dream *

Before I left Japan I was working in the well-known fashion company Loius Vuitton in Copenhagen, Denmark. I really liked it. The work environment was so amazing and pleasant. I LOVE to serve customers and creating the best experience for the clients. I tried to continue my professional career in Japan. However, it was difficult because of the language.

Yet, now that I am back in Europe I like to pursue my dream to work for an international fashion company again. This time I  am passionate about to work for Christian Dior, The House of Dior. Dior creates such dreaming, feminine, elegant and finely detailed dresses. I also love their signature colors; rose, pale gray, and of course red. Since I started living in Japan (6 years ago) I felt a desire to work for them.

A little beautiful quote from @rebeccathoughts

See with your heart what the eyes cannot perceive. Hear with your heart what the ears cannot pick up. Think with your heart what the mind cannot comprehend.

Much love & happy new week to you, my darling.


The first row, up to the right: Le Secret D’Audrey

On the second row: .Yukiko Masuda

And on last last row, from left to right: Stephanie von d’Ahé Grau, Dior, and Mollie & Mochi


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