A Deep Longing

by Jeanette Kanaguri


Dear Beautiful Soul,

I hope you are spending a great new start of the year.

It is January.

The first month of the year feels so clean. White like snow, and ready to grow new seeds that your heart is yearning for.

Yesterday, I was lying in my bed.  I could feel an inner longing for a new home. Since my husband and I came to Münich we have stayed in a small apartment-hotel in the center of Münich. While we were staying in Tokyo, we looked for apartments in Münich.

However, it is was very difficult for us to find an apartment, and we decided to stay in an apartment-hotel at the beginning of our new life in Münich. In general, the housing market in Münich is hard. There are many more people wanting a rental apartment, compared to the number of vacant leases.

Ever since we came to Münich we have looked for a rental apartment. Finally, we could yesterday happily sign a lease for a temporary place to stay.  Yes, our heart was grateful and filled with excitement for our new beginning in Münich.

Our new home is about 15 km south of Münich. It is located in a cute and family-friendly neighborhood. And the landlord seems to be VERY kind :o).

My quote to YOU today is:

My greatest ambition is to have a career without becoming a career woman. – Audrey Hepburn.


I love this quote so much. I would be happy to have an interesting and fun-loving job without spending too much time on it.

Do you agree?

With love,


The above is from Pinterest.


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