by Jeanette Kanaguri



Dear Beautiful Soul,

Thank you for following me, and reading my posts.

How are you?

I LOVE Instagram. It is fun. It is inspiring. And for me, it has the same feeling as reading one of my favorite magazines. Do you have the same feeling?

The above pictures are all from Instagram and are images that make me feel cheerful and happy.

The picture on the first row to the left side is from @lindamordanofficial. Oprah Winfrey is SO inspiring. She has her own tv show and is a writer. Her quote

You will get IN LIFE WHAT you have the courage to ask for

resonates really with me. What do you like to have in your life? I believe if you keep asking it will show up.

The next picture in the same row is from @svetiana. A chocolate Crepe Cake. Hmmm…I would love to make that!!

My dream is to hold a Garden Tea Party for all my girlfriends.

The third picture is a picture of lovely tulips. It is taken by @vip_roses. I love the fluffiness of these tulips. And the pinkiness color. Do you also love tulips?

The fourth picture (third picture on row 2) is a picture of @marieforleo. I LOVE what she is doing. A truly female entrepreneur who inspires others to follow their heart. Once a year she opens up for her own training program called B-school. And next year I have decided to roll in.

The picture in the middle on the last row is created by the beautiful artist @stephanie.ryan.artist who creates such beautiful watercolor paintings.

The last picture is taken by @twolovesstudio. It is a pavlova, which I soon would love to make!!

Keep YOUR HEART soft, And wishing you a LOVELY DAY!!






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